There are many hosting service companies available to give you outsourced web hosting support on a consistent basis. It's also difficult to locate a reliable hosting company with a competent technical support staff that can help you set up a white-label help desk for your customers

 What Is Outsourced Web Hosting Support?

When you outsource, you use an outside business to handle technical tasks associated with web hosting – that is what Outsourced Web Hosting Support is all about.  It's one strategy for helping a mid-sized hosting provider take on the industry's giants.

Benefits Of Outsourcing

Briefing below the main benefits of outsourcing your server monitoring services.

Capital Investment

The upfront cost of setting up your own web hosting model is high, and it continues to rise with the addition of hidden expenses like maintenance contracts, collocation fees, and power bills. In contrast, when you outsource your web hosting service, all you have to do is pay your web hosts a regular fixed rent.

Employee Services

Staffing up is essential if you want to keep your web hosting infrastructure running smoothly. As opposed to doing it yourself, you can avoid it entirely by using a web hosting service. On top of that, it ensures the continuity and completeness of these services with documentation at your disposal at all times.

RFP Questions

Private hosts are less likely to deliver satisfactory responses to customer inquiries than those working with an outsourced hosting service. Questions about service level agreements (SLAs), uptime records, certifications (such as PCI Compliance, SAS-70 or SSAE 16, HIPAA/HITECH), scalability, etc., can be answered quickly when using an outsourced hosting service.

 Strong SLA’S

The majority of web hosting companies adhere to stringent SLAs (SLA). Network uptime of 100%, hardware replacement in 1 hour, emergency response in 30 minutes, and resource guarantees are all examples of what an SLA can include. In turn, you can provide similar services to your own customers, giving them peace of mind.

Buying Back Hardware

As they have already made the investment in hardware, many businesses are hesitant to switch to an outsourced hosting approach. You can recoup some of your costs by selling your unused hardware resources to a web host, a service offered by certain of them. You should know that purchasing hardware is not a prerequisite for doing the hosting procedure privately.


Powerful web hosts have the knowledge, experience, and tools to accommodate their customers' wide range of needs. If there is a problem, a seasoned web host has probably seen it before. They would understand the nuances of the issue and have the expertise to resolve it properly. For private hosting, this is unfortunately not an option.


Virtual machines can be added to your configuration in less than an hour, and physical infrastructure can be added in a day or two, with most outsourced web hosts. In addition, you can join your personal cloud with the web host's cloud hosting service.

 Opportunity Risk

With outsourced hosting, you focus on running your company and leave the repeated errands to be handled by the experts. When hosting in-house, it can be difficult to respond quickly enough to customer needs. But when outsourcing, you can take into account all customer needs right away.


An expert web host always uses the latest encryption methods. Professionally managed web hosts conduct things like criminal background checks on potential hires, maintain video surveillance archives for at least 90 days, require two-factor authentication at all points of entry, keep detailed logs of who accessed what and when, and provide staff with regular security training. They also provide services including intrusion prevention systems, web application firewalls, security information, event management systems, status monitoring, and vulnerability assessments.

Should You Use Outsourced Web Hosting Support?

Web hosts, data centers, resellers, Internet service providers (ISPs), and MSPs of all stripes benefit from outsourced web hosting support. There are many advantages to outsourcing your hosting support, going beyond the top three. However, outsourcing your assistance services has three significant benefits that far surpass any drawbacks. This is why you need to outsource who can take your business to the next level.